The Sixth J. S. Bach Dialogue Meeting

Warsaw, 3-7 July 2013


5 May 2014

The seventh J. S. Bach Dialogue Meeting will be held at Madingley Hall, Cambridge from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 July 2015. The theme will be "1715". More details will be publicised  in autumn 2014 on in conjunction with the call for Dialogue sessions.

8 July 2013

Selected photos taken at the meeting have been uploaded to the server.

30 June 2013

A small additional note is made on taking a bus and taxi in Warsaw.

27 May 2013

The deadline of earlybird registration discount is extended from 30 May to 4 June 2013. Please register before 5 June 2013 to save 100 PLN.

Last updated on 5 May 2014